• Anti-Condensation Mattress Underlay Stops Damp Mould & Mildew Extra Large 2.1m x 2m VHJZBOINB

Stops Condensation Build Up Under Mattresses & CushionsRestricts Damp, Mould, Mildew and Musty OdoursQuick & Easy to FitPerforms Better Than SlatsIncreases Comfort on Thin Mattresses

Product Description Protect your Mattress from Damp, Mould & Mildew! We all perspire when we sleep and this damp air travels through your mattress to the bed base. If there is not sufficient ventilation here this turns to condensation leading to a damp, mouldy mattress and creating an unhygienic sleeping environment. DRY-Mat is a revolutionary underlay which is simply placed under your mattress to create a layer of air-flow and ventilation keeping your mattress FRESH and CLEAN and prevent MOULD and MILDEW build up. Quick & Easy To FitFresh, Hygienic BedsStops Mouldy MattressesMachine WashableDoesn't Degrade - Lasts Forever! Ideal for Use in: Motorhomes & CaravansTrailer Tents & Camping BedsBoats & YachtsDivan BedsKids Cabin & Bunk BedsDog BedsCotsNarrowboatsHGV's & Horseboxes Read more How Do I Fit DRY-Mat All you need to fit DRY-Mat is a pair of household scissors and 5 minutes. DRY-Mat is delivered in easy to handle rolls and can simply be unrolled and placed under your mattress. If your bed is an odd shape or size, you can simply use normal scissors to trim it to fit. Off-cuts can be put to good use under dog pets, seat cushions or in the bottom of cupboards so there's no wastage! You don't even need to fix it down as your mattress will hold it in place, and the edges won't fray so it really is as easy as that! Read more Why Do I Need Ventilation Under My Mattress As we sleep, we perspire and the hot humid air travels through our mattress reaching the bed base. When this warm air hits the solid base it turns into condensation which, left untreated, forms mould, mildew and the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. To keep your bed fresh, clean and hygienic you need to have a layer of ventilation under your mattress. DRY-Mat is the most popular and effective solution! Available in Single, Double and King Size it can simply be placed under the mattress (doesn't need fixing down!) and is effective immediately. Once in place it will last forever as DRY-Mat does not degrade or wear out and can be machine washed at 60 degrees (the temperature that kills bed bugs). This simple and cost effective underlay will keep your bed clean, fresh and healthy. Read more Read more DRY-Mat is the Most Popular Solution to this Common Problem and is used all over the World! Ideal for Out & About Leading motorhome manufacturer Auto-Trail fit DRY-Mat as standard under all of their mattresses and it is the top selling mattress ventilation product for motorhome, caravans, RV's and trailer tents. Perfect at Home DRY-Mat is popular for home use on divan beds, children's bunks and cabin beds, under dog beds and everywhere that damp, mould and bacteria is a concern. Keep your bedrooms fresh and your home hygienic with DRY-Mat. And Don't Forget the Pets! Keep your pets beds fresh too! A layer of DRY-Mat under the bed keeps it dry and ventilated and helps prevent mould, mildew and musty odours. Read more

Anti-Condensation Mattress Underlay Stops Damp Mould & Mildew Extra Large 2.1m x 2m VHJZBOINB

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Anti-Condensation Mattress Underlay Stops Damp Mould & Mildew Extra Large 2.1m x 2m VHJZBOINB

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